Recently I've been reading some wonderful diary comix, and decided I'd like to try one myself. Also, I've been having some trouble with tension in my hand and wanted to try a loosening exercise. So I've started drawing a daily comic, taking about fifteen minutes each night.

Now, after eight months of keeping this diary, it's time to confess that it takes more like half an hour. It's become my morning warmup, and not only has it loosened up my style, but it has also encouraged me to draw unquestioningly whatever crazy shit comes into my head.

Actually, (nineteen months in), let's be honest, this shit is taking me about an hour. But I can't stop--I'm addicted! Recently I self-published a 48-page excerpt called RUSHES: A COMIX DIARY, which debuted at SPX 2013. It is available at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, JHU Comics in Manhattan, Big Planet Comics in Washington, DC, Copacetic Comics in Pittsburgh, and Kilgore Books and Comics in Denver. You can also order it from me directly at

I call this diary RUSHES because a) I'm rushing through it and b) I feel like I'm viewing the inward film "rushes" of my day. Click on the archive to view them all, and click on the images to get a decent size. Scroll up from the bottom to read them in chronological order. Updated on weekends. Copyright for all material on this website belongs to Jennifer Hayden.
If you'd like to see my regular comix, please check out my blog.

Here's Rob Clough's review of Rushes on High-Low.

And I dedicate this, as always, to the Goddess, who gives me all of it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


  1. Aside from giving all the rest of us a chance to share your life and your funny and personal experiences, what a great body of evidence you're amassing of what it means to have a life. If, one day, you have grandchildren and they ask, "Grammy, tell us about your life...", you can raise your middle finger (casually, of course) and say,"Read my Book!"

  2. Thanks, friend! I hope my middle finger will be as strong then as it is now from frequent freedom of expression!

  3. I am ecstatic at being immortalized in comics form. Thanks, Jennifer! And come back and visit any time!

  4. Oh, now you've done it! You bet I will!